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Episode 53

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22nd Nov 2020

Ep: 53 The Mamba Mindset and the Internal Physics of Performance with Ty Terrell

Today’s guest is Ty Terrell, a performance coach with the Atlanta Hawks, now entering their third season together. For over a decade before getting the opportunity to work with the NBA, Ty worked as a strength and conditioning coach at a variety of gyms and fitness centers including the YMCA and Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training (IFAST). He makes it a point to credit a huge number of influential people who have guided him along his professional journey to help him get to where he is today. “There are few people in our world who are truly original,” says Ty. “What we’re doing is recycling information that may be new to us, but not new to the industry.”

Ty discusses two big buckets in this episode: mamba mentality and internal physics. He further breaks down the latter into three big areas of focus: position of the exercise, rate of force, and context or situation. When looking to maximize change of direction or agility, one cannot afford to overlook these three factors.

Listen in as Ty defines mamba mentality and what sets apart the few that truly live it, describes why discomfort and challenge are part and parcel of improvement, and breaks down what makes a good squat and how to improve yours.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • [01:53] Why you will find fewer people in this world with mamba mentality
  • [08:44] Overcoming imposter syndrome
  • [13:17] The necessity of stress in growth
  • [14:28] An introduction to Ty
  • [19:53] What Ty looks for when looking to improve an athlete’s agility
  • [31:40] Improving your squat
  • [43:53] Ty’s favorite resources in recent months

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