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1st May 2022

Flashback: The Best of Both Worlds - Strong AND Supple with Dean Guedo

We’re turning the clock back again this week to an episode I recorded in January of 2020 with my good buddy Dean Guedo, Canadian Sensation. Little did Dean and I know that not even two months after recording this episode, the whole world would be flipped upside down. The big question we centered our conversation around is, how do we merge old school, “dumb and strong” lifting sessions with a more new school emphasis on movement selection and movement quality?

Because frankly, hitting your strength, physique and performance goals should never be worth your while if you are having to sacrifice your health, functionality and well-being to do so. We then discuss the importance of cueing and understanding what you are trying to get out of an exercise.  In other words, if you know how to coach and cue exercises well, then you can make training the intervention.

Listen in to learn how you can get really strong, build muscle and become an even better athlete while feeling your best.

What You'll Learn in this Episode: 

  • [04:00] Dean’s Background
  • [09:30] The never-ending pursuit of training
  • [11:15] The transition from ignorant and dumb weight sessions to focused movement quality training and how to keep it fun
  • [20:00] The badass psychological factor in sports, and turning off the switch
  • [30:30] Specifics on Dean’s journey after powerlifting to fix himself
  • [40:00] Taking what you need from others in the industry and remaining yourself
  • [47:45] Dean’s programming for clients and interventions for injury prevention
  • [01:10:35] Dean’s Resources


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