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Episode 94

Published on:

10th Oct 2021

Ep 94: Should You Train With Machines

Should you be training with machines? Joining me on the show today is Ryan L’Ecuyer. I wanted to get Ryan on to discuss whether you should or shouldn’t utilize machines in your training and how to know the difference. It’s known that there was a phase where machines were extremely popular, and then they fell off because of the “functional training” movement. Well now they’re back, and Ryan and I break down whether you should be using them in your training and where exactly they fit in with your exercise selection.

We start the episode off by unpacking the reasoning behind the falling of machines. Whether it’s due to machines not being cost effective, a time efficiency issue, potentially a coaching preference, or maybe a combination of them all. We then steer the conversation to where we feel machines fit in your training and when to use them. If you are primarily chasing output-oriented goals (hypertrophy, strength and power), utilizing machines in your training makes the most sense. Machines, especially if you are chasing hypertrophy, are going to allow you to reach that level of maximal effort and receive a more optimal response than other non-machine exercises. Ryan and I then dive into the concept of of coordination and its importance in this movement realm. Listen in to hear us break down this u-shaped curve that came from the machine movement and how and when you should fit them into your training.

What You'll Learn in This Episode: 

  • [7:26] Why machines got such a bad rep
  • [14:30] The beginning of the “functional training” phase
  • [16:40] Where machines make the most sense in your training
  • [28:43] The coordination concept
  • [31:47] The real bodybuilder realm
  • [34:36] The importance of understanding your goals and what you want to accomplish
  • [36:46] A common mistake in the movement realm
  • [40:45] Breakdown of GPP training days
  • [44:59] Bringing functional training and machine training together


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