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Episode 23

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22nd Mar 2020

RPR Episode 23: The Dudes - Making the Most of Training at Home and the Q2 Group Mentorship

James and Kyle bring you an episode of The Dudes to discuss our training options during these interesting times and how to keep all your gains. We discuss how to get the most out of training at home, our TRAIN at-home program, the Rebel Performance, Q2 Group Mentorship, and the principles of exercise selection in a limited setting.

We kick things off discussing the TRAIN at-home training program and the mindset shift that these times require. We can drive certain stimulus, but don’t expect to be PRing in your living room. We use a multi-faceted approach here, considering the loss of intensity and load. Thus we are dialing up the metabolic side of the coin. We do this through stato-dynamic methods, which will include 3-3 tempos. We keep tension in the 95% middle ROM with things like the goblet squat or push-ups. This enables us to create meaningful stimulus when we no longer have the option to use high loads. We will also use timed AMRAP sets to drive a glycolytic stimulus.

The goal here is going to be holding on to as much muscle and strength as you can until you can get back to the gym. Most importantly, we need to look at this as an opportunity to increase other training qualities that will help you in the long run, not pessimistically let all your gains go down the drain. In addition to the things inside the gym (or living room), it’s more important than ever to focus on things outside of training like nutrition, sleep, and your overall movement every day. James stresses keeping your calories high enough to maintain your weight because losing pounds without heavy stimulus is going to lead to a catastrophic loss in muscle mass.

This leads us into a discussion on your return to the gym after a situation like this, and how to strategically get back to your jacked self. It’s going to take a couple weeks of working back up to your original weights, and ideally that’s all it takes. On the bright side, research has shown you can hold on to your strength quite well without a massive stimulus required. Additionally, these home sessions will simply get your mind of the pure boredom of quarantining at home.

We transition here to discuss the Rebel Performance Group Mentorship program. The focus here is to give people a community based feel while providing 3 pillars: personal development, training development, and business development. It is a 12-week program including 12 modules, 2 group calls per week, and general training Q&A. In addition to the value of the content, it is a tremendous networking opportunity and provides a fantastic community of trainers, both online and in-person. This program basically lays out everything you should be doing as a trainer, and letting you focus on those while you block out all the other options that overwhelm you. 

This leads us to discussing strategy vs tactics. Many people try to skip the strategy and jump into the tactics. However, it’s important to take a step back and consider your strengths and plan before you rush into the details of your business. Most importantly, what are you doing to differentiate yourself? Value in the marketplace is based on how exclusive something is. In the fitness realm, you need to focus on what you can do that others can’t. A big point we discuss is tailoring your content to your target audience, not to the trainers and role models you look up to. Specifically, understanding your service model is critical in differentiating yourself and truly delivering a unique experience.

The mentorship program is going to help provide you with the variables that will give you the largest ROI while helping you develop the models, tactics, and systems needed to operate your business at a high level. 

Throughout this process, you will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, but most importantly how to leverage each of those things in your business. We focus on the things that matter most to your business and allow you to move the needle as opposed to the things that may be unnecessary or even counter productive. The goal is to continue to build on your strengths to raise your ceiling while selectively improving your limitations to raise the floor. 

A large part of the mentorship is teaching coaches and trainers how to take back our most valued resource - time. By breaking down your dollar per hour income we can begin to look at how you allocate your time and start to put more of your energy where it counts most. 

Enjoy and hit that subscribe button if you learned a thing or two.

Episode Highlights:

 4:30  – At-home training

18:30 – Returning to the gym after detraining

22:00 – Dallas bed rest study

26:00 – Rebel Performance Q2 Mentorship

33:00 – Strategy vs tactics and differentiating yourself

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