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Episode 10

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29th Dec 2019

RPR Episode 10: Vinny Brandstadter

Vinny Brandstadter, real-life meat gorilla, joins the show today to talk about principals of training, infrasternal angles, the importance of environment, balancing expectations, and narrowing your focus to get the results you want. He obtained a bachelor in Exercise Sport Science at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, interned at Peak Performance, and currently works at Hype Gym Union Square in New York City. Vinny is certified through the NSCA, USAW, FRCms, and Bioforce.

We kick things off talking about that awkward transition period of going from school to the real world of training and the biggest challenges this presents. In particular, we hit on the importance of environment and principals as opposed to being married to specific exercises. From there, we jam on what a training session looks like for Vinny's clients, and how he goes about tweaking individual exercises to match a client's specific needs. The significant point here is using training as the intervention and not getting so lost that you have your clients on the floor, breathing for the entire session. Lastly, we discuss Vinny's current training, his methodology changes over the past few years, and his road to a 500 lbs front squat.

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Episode Highlights:

3:30 – Vinny’s Background

9:00 – Peak Performance, Hype Gym, and Vinny’s Early Career

16:00 – Principals and Vinny’s Session layouts for clients

22:30 – Wide/Narrow ISA and the implications on exercise strategies

28:00 - Focusing on the big rocks without getting too lost in the weeds

32:30 – Good Old Fashioned Bro Discussion involving Vinny’s programming

47:30 – Recent changes in Vinny’s mindset on his training schedule

53:00 – Resources Vinny has found valuable

Links and stuff:

•         Vinny Brandstadter: @vinvanstrong

•         www.vinvanstrong.com

•         James Cerbie: @jamescerbie

•         TRAIN: https://train.rebel-performance.com

•         Silverback: https://www.silverbacktrainingproject.com

•         Antifragile: https://amzn.to/39gBrHW

•         A New Earth: https://amzn.to/2rCoEPc

•         Range: https://amzn.to/2tc4j3m

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