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Episode 51

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8th Nov 2020

Episode 51: Blending Models, Building Relationships and Getting Results with Keiran Halton

Today’s guest is Keiran Halton, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Brunswick School and founder of Halton Performance. Keiran believes in the four pillars of mindset, nutrition, movement, and regeneration as being the key to growth in all aspects of life. It is important to give each of these pillars equal priority in order to live and perform to our maximal potential. Keiran’s passion for holistic health and human performance led him to open his doors as a trainer to clients of every type, from average Joes to preteens to professional athletes to seniors in their 90s.

We can never go wrong with foundational movements: squat, hinge, press and pull. If we do not strengthen this foundation, any other movement we pile on top, repeatedly, will cause imbalance and injury in the long run. It also pays to tailor our training to the athlete being trained. “55-year-old Susan” needs a different program to your typical high school jock. The foundational movements stay the same, but the volume, intensity and velocity to be applied have to be appropriate to both the trainee and their specific goals.

Listen in as Keiran discusses how to adjust your training methods based on the person you’re coaching, why long-term periodized training means nothing without the momentum of “stacking good days”, finding growth in rest, and the performance-wise difference between a kangaroo and a gorilla.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • [01:03] An introduction to Keiran Halton
  • [10:19] Training methods that are beneficial across the board
  • [17:08] How Keiran’s own training methods have changed over the years
  • [23:13] Takeaways from Ty Tyrrell and Tony Giuliano’s manual Force and Power
  • [29:47] Keiran’s approach to speed and agility training
  • [36:11] The case against regular high volume workouts
  • [38:06] Keiran’s favorite resources in recent months

Powerful Quotes by Keiran:

  • As long as you’re doing the foundational movements—squats, deadlifts, etc.—with progressive overload, you’ll hit those performance goals.
  • Everybody’s ordering off the same menu, but they’re all getting different amounts. Everybody’s hitting the big rocks, but your high school kids can handle a little more stress while seniors should be using a lighter load.
  • America’s biggest problem is overvolumization. How can you go, go, go when you can’t even go? If you’re still too tired from the last workout, just relax.

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