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Episode 93

Published on:

3rd Oct 2021

Ep 93: How to Sequence Your Training for Massive Results in Record Time

How do you go about sequencing your training? Joining me on the show today is Keiran Halton and Ryan Patrick. The three of us dive into what it means to sequence your training and how you can produce massive results by doing so. We constantly see athletes struggling to produce the results they want in a short period of time, and a lot of that comes down to how we are appropriately lining up our training elements to continuously build strength.

The big question we see athletes face is whether to focus on work capacity, hypertrophy, strength, or power and the specific order these training blocks and phases should go in. We also see athletes struggling to know how often to switch up their main lifts and accessory work. The three of us go into detail on when the perfect time to have a phase change is and how changing up your training blocks can help your PR numbers skyrocket.

The back end of the episode is surrounding the benefit of inverting your set and rep scheme in your training. From a strength and skill standpoint, inverting your reps allows for better skill acquisition and ultimately helps ensure high quality reps over poorly executed reps. Tune in to discover how you can sequence your training to unlock massive results in record time.

What You'll Learn in This Episode: 

  • [08:20] Perfect time to have a phase change
  • [11:27] Two things competing in sequencing
  • [15:10] The diamond approach
  • [18:48] How often you should be changing exercises
  • [21:25] The purpose of your accessory work
  • [24:30] Using the different seasons to choose training phases
  • [30:36] Developing skill by understanding myelin
  • [31:30] Inverting your set and rep scheme 
  • [42:25] The importance of the complexity and variability line
  • [45:11] Choosing the right exercise variation for you
  • [46:15] Potential barriers 


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