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Episode 85

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8th Aug 2021

Ep 85: Decoding the Total Package Puzzle with Chris Eldridge

Do you want to simultaneously develop strength, hypertrophy, power, endurance, and movement in your training? Joining me on the show today is Chris Eldridge, a high-performance firefighter and client of Rebel Performance. Chris has competed in powerlifting, strongman, boxing, and rugby, and now finds himself in a career that requires all forms of fitness, firefighting. Chris joined the Rebel Performance Training Team back in January, and his training success has skyrocketed since. He’s now hitting PR numbers across the board in all aspects of strength, power, and endurance.

He and I dive into what it means to be the total package and why it’s common to see athletes struggling to bring strength, endurance, power, and speed to the table at the same time. Chris shares a glimpse into his training background and the many wins since joining the team. We discuss single leg/arm work and its positive effect on performance and why it’s so important to have somebody else program for you, that way you aren’t overthinking and overlooking your least favorite exercises. Be sure to listen in to hear how we helped Chris unlock the true total package performance.

What You'll Learn in This Episode: 

  • [12:18] How Chris was introduced to Rebel Performance
  • [15:00] Bringing the total package to the training table
  • [18:27] Importance of creating attribute bars
  • [19:06] Big takeaways that have contributed to Chris's training success
  • [23:10] A glimpse of what a firefighter's uniform weight is
  • [24:15] The use of single leg/arm work and its positive effect on performance
  • [27:23] The benefits of having somebody else program for you
  • [33:27] Bringing the conditioning variable to the table while also getting the hypertrophy and strength outcomes
  • [41:57] Why you should join the Training Team


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