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Episode 82

Published on:

18th Jul 2021

Ep 82: Should You Olympic Lift? (Probably Not) with the Rebel Crew

Have you ever sat down and really thought about whether or not you should use Olympic lifts in your training? Joining me on the show today are a few of the Rebel coaches, Ryan Patrick, Lance Goyke and Keiran Halton. The crew and I chose a very controversial topic to discuss this week: should you be Olympic lifting in your training? Why or why not? In no way do we not appreciate Olympic lifts; they definitely have their place and provide such a strong lineage in our industry. We just believe there are far better and safer options you can choose while still getting the outcome you want.

We dive into the episode stating the populations we believe NEED Olympic lifts: those who are Olympic lifters, those who compete in CrossFit, those who genuinely enjoy Olympic lifts and have specific goals, and those who are college bound athletes whose programs will utilize these types of lifts. We discuss a handful of tools you can use to ensure your athletes see progress that also benefits their long-term development.

The crew then shares some examples of ways to generate power without Olympic lifts: resistance sprints, kettlebell swings, kettlebell cleans and kettlebell snatches. We talk all things Eastern Bloc, survival of the fittest, the overextension patterns, the use of carry variations, and power with the heavy versus the power with the light. Listen in to hear how you can become a more powerful athlete with maximum outcome and lower levels of complexity.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • [03:12] The populations that NEED Olympic lifts
  • [06:55] Preparing high school athletes for college
  • [09:01] Maximum outcome with lower levels of complexity
  • [10:52] Utilizing VBT
  • [11:41] Other options for generating power
  • [13:15] Addressing force absorbance
  • [21:19] Eastern Bloc and survival of the fittest
  • [24:10] The overextension pattern
  • [27:55] Olympic lifting alternatives
  • [29:55] The strongman realm
  • [33:01] The use of carry variations
  • [38:15] Power with the heavy versus power with the light
  • [41:00] Challenges with chasing more force
  • [42:13] Repeatability


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