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Episode 67

Published on:

4th Apr 2021

Ep 67: Building Structure, Function and Capacity with Patrick Estes

On the show today, I have Patrick Estes, Co-Founder of Evolve Health & Performance, a collaborative effort between Aaron Davis and Patrick Estes to bring services (human performance, fitness, rehab, nutrition, and health management) commonly seen at Olympic training centers to the community of Austin, TX.

Patrick served as a strength and conditioning coach at several universities, including the University of Texas at Austin, the University of Denver and the University of Maryland.

We discuss the light bulb moments Patrick has experienced in his progression into exercise science, particularly with regard to structure, function, and bioenergetics. We spend a good chunk of our conversation on the underrated importance of breathing for better performance.

Patrick shares why a good breather is going to be able to put more miles on their car and what it means to “let your breathing dictate your movement.” He also explains why coaches should focus on helping their athletes recover faster, rather than simply performing better.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • [00:44] An introduction to Patrick
  • [05:45] Light bulb moments for Patrick as he dove into the structure, function, bioenergetics realm
  • [16:15] Replenishing and increasing ATP reserves, and the importance of breathing for better performance
  • [23:36] How MMA fighters can benefit from mastering their breathing
  • [28:15] How your respiratory system can limit your performance
  • [38:25] How CrossFit athletes can up their game by letting their breathing dictate their movement
  • [43:47] Why technology can never replace coaches


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