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Episode 59

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17th Jan 2021

Ep 59: How to Win the Tactical Strength Challenge with Ryan Patrick

Today’s guest is Ryan Patrick, record-holding powerlifter, physical preparation coach for athletes and powerlifters, and for the past ten years, owner of Peak Fitness and Sports Training in Erlanger, KY. Ryan is a very accomplished strength athlete in his own right who has won the Tactical Strength Challenge, not just once, but twice.

This episode is a case study. Today we break down how Ryan helped somebody else (let’s call her “Heather”) win the same challenge. We dig into the nuts and bolts of the program and the plan that was given to help this individual get from point A to point B to achieve their desired results. We’ll also go into everything that held them back—the roadblocks and setbacks—both physically and mentally.

We hope that this case study serves as a way for you to learn from the experiences and mistakes of another athlete. Not only will you have someone else on the journey to relate to, but you’ll also be able to glean actionable advice from their own journey.

Listen in as Ryan dives deep into the mechanics of the Tactical Strength Challenge and the nine-week training program set up for Heather to win the Novice division. Ryan explains how he helped Heather, a relatively strong woman in her 40s, with reconditioning for the challenge in the wake of an extended facility closure due to COVID-19.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • [09:09] Heather’s current numbers and desired results coming into the challenge
  • [14:44] Other big factors holding Heather back at the beginning
  • [17:08] What the programming looked like
  • [19:58] Heather’s prep work going into the gym
  • [21:33] Gauging the number of back-off sets
  • [23:14] After the EDM protocol
  • [26:03] An example of a training day in the first three weeks
  • [29:42] Progression into the next three weeks
  • [33:11] The final three weeks
  • [38:34] Heather’s final test numbers on competition day
  • [40:15] Would Ryan have done anything differently during Heather’s nine-week prep?
  • [47:11] The importance of setting expectations with your athlete

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