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Episode 129

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24th Jul 2022

Ep 129: 15 of the Most Underrated and Underutilized Exercises

Exercise selection plays a very important role in seeing results and making progress, and there are heaps of of underrated and underutilized exercises causing you to leave a lot of gains on the table.

This is why I wanted to bring on Rebel coaches Keiran Halton, Lance Goyke and Ryan L’Ecuyer to sit down and unpack our favorite (and extremely undervalued) exercises that are guaranteed to be found throughout our programming. We’re constantly bringing on new athletes and realizing that certain exercises are missing time and time again. Listen in to discover the exercises you should stop overlooking and start implementing in your training as soon as possible 

What You'll Learn in this Episode:

  • [03:15] Finding a squat pattern that allows you to actually chase output
  • [04:17] The benefit of heel wedges
  • [05:10] Utilizing a heavy single leg variation for your primary lift
  • [11:18] Why the hand supported single leg RDL gets butchered
  • [13:00] The underrated dead bug
  • [15:30] Utilizing the wall supported foam roller squat
  • [20:05] Why the half kneeling landmine press cleans up a lot of stuff
  • [22:30] A pushup versus a well done pushup
  • [24:15] Feeling a true weight shift
  • [25:24] Why unilateral makes more sense in vertical pulling
  • [32:44] Steering into the asymmetry of movements


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