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Episode 125

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26th Jun 2022

Ep 125: Wearing a Mouthpiece and Optimizing Your Range of Motion

A question that comes up often in the lifting world is, should you wear a mouthpiece when you train? And if you’re a frequent gym goer, I’m sure you’ve noticed, firsthand, people wearing these mouthpieces when they squat, bench and deadlift. You then start thinking, should I be wearing one too? This is why Rebel coaches Lance Goyke, Keiran Halton and I wanted to sit down and unpack the ins and outs of the mouthpiece.

We dive right in to what the mouthpiece is, what’s it’s actually doing and whether or not you should be wearing one when you lift and train. Today’s topic over the mouthpiece leads into an even larger conversation surrounding human movement, mobility, and optimizing your range of motion. So listen in to discover whether or not you should be wearing a mouthpiece when you train and the things that need to be taking place at joints for you to optimize your range of motion.


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