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Episode 119

Published on:

15th May 2022

Ep 119: Toxic Poop, Community and Doing Less

With the flashback episodes behind us, this week I sit down with Rebel coaches Keiran Halton and Ryan L’Ecuyer to debrief last month’s training camp. The training camps are an important feature at Rebel Performance because these are the times we get to meet up with all of our athletes to lift, learn, coach, throw down, eat, vibe, and so much more.

The meat and potatoes of the episode are surrounding toxic poop (yes, you will need to tune in to understand the context), how important community is in the training and lifting world (aka being surrounded by people who actually love to lift and train like you do), get out of your own head and stop getting over-coached/over-cued (nailing your setup is the crucial step here) Listen in to hear our biggest takeaways from the weekend and why it's a no brainer you should be at the next one.

What You'll Learn in this Episode: 

  • [02:28] Being stalked by advertisements 
  • [05:17] The toxic poop guy
  • [14:28] Biggest takeaways from the weekend
  • [17:53] The difference between an emotional support system and a fitness support system 
  • [21:22] The variability in squat patterns and understanding where the load is
  • [23:42] Finding and feeling the bench more
  • [25:16] Overthinking coaching cues
  • [32:18] The downfall of chasing complexity 
  • [34:25] The benefit of a hybrid style training


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