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Episode 118

Published on:

17th Apr 2022

Ep 118: High Velocity Training and Becoming an Athletic Weapon with Dr. Pat Davidson

Joining me on the show this week is the great and powerful Dr. Pat Davidson, the man who does it all; he’s an exercise physiologist, a strength and conditioning coach, an author, a consultant, and a traveling lecturer. Pat was also my very first guest on the podcast, so there’s definitely a lot for us to live up to on this episode. A large portion of our conversation centers around athletic development, high velocity activity and sprinting because that’s generally what people find themselves missing years after their “playing days end”. 

If you were an athlete in high school, college or maybe even professionally, I guarantee sprinting played a major role in your everyday training. And, sadly, sprinting isn’t typically something easy to get back once you’ve lost it. Listen in to learn the importance of high velocity activities and how you can ramp up and build sprinting back into your training so you can become an athletic weapon 

What You’ll Learn in this Episode: 

  • [02:45] Intro to Dr. Pat Davidson
  • [08:54] Why you should be patient in the process of transitioning back into sprinting
  • [21:00] The importance of sprint preparation
  • [22:16] What a sprinting ramp up period actually looks like for Pat
  • [24:53] A big factor to be considered when it comes to sprinting volume
  • [27:49] The value of a rotational med ball throw for evaluation purposes
  • [38:41] Understanding the appreciation for an athlete compared to a smaller athlete
  • [41:29] Why athleticism at the highest levels almost always comes down to velocity
  • [54:28] The importance of having numbers to chase
  • [55:14] Why timing is so critical
  • [01:03:52] Where to find Pat Davidson


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