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Episode 117

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10th Apr 2022

Ep 117: How to Unlock Superhero Gainz with Don Saladino

Do you ever feel crunched for time at the gym? Well, that was a trick question because we all have busy lives, (unless you are a poor college student or retired), and it’s important to grasp the key variables that go into creating a successful path that you can follow and, more importantly, stay consistent on. So, who better to bring on the show than the great and powerful (and extremely busy), Don Saladino.

I was really excited to pick Don’s brain because his experience is genuinely some of the best in the industry. From training super stars into superhero roles, high-level athletes, and everything in between, Don brings a ton of under the bar training expertise to the table. 

A big piece of our discussion revolves around maximizing your time in the gym for better results, so listen in to learn what it is you need to be focusing on and controlling day in and day out so you can experience maximal results in record time.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode: 

  • [06:02] Training actors compared to training everyday athletes 
  • [07:57] What tends to happen when coaches come in with a mindful approach and high level of execution
  • [12:09] The “must be nice” mentality 
  • [15:09] Becoming more methodical with your calorie intake
  • [17:48] One of the biggest values of having a coach
  • [19:23] Knowing when something is and isn’t working
  • [22:18] The “entertainment effect approach”
  • [26:00] Our responsibility to weed out the BS in the industry
  • [30:14] The importance of adapting as a coach
  • [33:29] Understanding fitness is a necessity, not a luxury


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