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Episode 112

Published on:

6th Mar 2022

Ep 112: How to Blend Bodybuilding and Powerlifting for More Strength and Muscle with Dr. Jordan Shallow

Joining me on the show this week is the one and only, Dr. Jordan Shallow, also known as, the Muscle Doc. Jordan and I first connected back when we ran the online Human Performance Summit back in 2020, so this is a conversation long overdue. We hit on a handful of different topics, but the real meat and potatoes of the episode is our conversation surrounding powerlifting and hypertrophy training, and how the two feed off of each other nicely over the course of a periodized training plan.

We then do a deep dive into the quirky elements of human nature and how each have an impact on the training process. If you’re interested in learning how to build strength and put on muscle (while staying pain-free), this episode is for you. 

What You'll Learn in this Episode:

  • [00:53] Intro to Jordan Shallow
  • [02:09] Where Jordan’s love for strength and conditioning and The Iron Games started
  • [06:35] The glory days of T-Nation
  • [09:43] Big rocks Jordan has carried with him in regard to how he approaches hypertrophy training
  • [10:29] The importance behind having respect for fatigue and load management
  • [13:00] When application meets theory in hypertrophy training
  • [19:27] The need for people to believe in something
  • [24:38] Social media and its effect on one’s attention span
  • [28:16] Understanding your audience within the different social media platforms
  • [30:22] How to manage the two worlds of bodybuilding and powerlifting
  • [35:01] Why some people experience the inability to get stronger
  • [36:50] The part of bodybuilding that often gets missed
  • [38:21] Why you need the requisite work capacity so you can train at the volumes you want to train at
  • [43:00] The things you did when you were in your teens and their effect on you today
  • [47:22] Understanding the harder you cling to the science, the less personable you become
  • [49:16] Where to find Jordan Shallow


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