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Episode 111

Published on:

27th Feb 2022

Ep 111: Running Ultras and Pushing Your Limits with Bryce Astill

On the show this week, myself and really good friend of mine, Bryce Astill, break down the ins and outs of ultramarathons and the psychology behind setting goals for yourself and truly finding your limits. Around five to eight years ago, you and I might have looked at an ultramarathon as absolutely bonkers. The idea of people actually running 100-to-250-mile races sounded insane. Well, fast-forward to today, and ultras are way more common than you might think. In fact, Bryce has completed numerous 100 to 200+ mile races at this point. 

In the episode, Bryce and I unpack the human experience and the physical and mental limits that come with ultra running, the empowering reflection of hitting a dark wall and finding the capacity to come out the other side, strategies and tactics for approaching the unique challenges you're faced with when running and completing an ultra and understanding the preparation that goes into this type of race. This is a topic I’ve always been really curious to learn about, and hearing Bryce share his experience genuinely made this recording one of my favorites.

What You'll Learn in this Episode:

  • [04:48] Background of Bryce Astill and how he got started running ultramarathons
  • [12:58] Why curiosity was a huge driver for Bryce to start running
  • [15:06] The empowering feeling of crossing the threshold of the unknown
  • [16:25] Understanding the physical and mental limits that come with running ultramarathons
  • [18:51] Why it doesn’t typically work out for the primarily ego-based runner
  • [20:39] The powerful reflection you feel when you hit a dark wall and find the capacity to come out of it
  • [21:28] Relying on something beyond the human body and mind in the midst of these races
  • [23:28] Understanding the actual time it takes to complete a race
  • [25:46] Strategies and tactics for approaching the unique challenges that come with running and completing a race
  • [30:12] The psychological test of the aid station
  • [34:24] How to manage sleep as an ultra-marathoner
  • [37:36] The discovery of figuring out what works for you
  • [39:58] What the preparation leading up to an ultramarathon looks like


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