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Episode 108

Published on:

6th Feb 2022

Ep 108: The Vertical Diet: A Simple System to Lean Out or Pack on Muscle with Stan Efferding

Let's be honest - leaning out and losing weight OR bulking up and gaining weight are real challenges...and often, the biggest hurdle is nutrition. This is why I wanted to bring on the man, the myth, the legend himself, Stan Efferding, so he can break down his vertical diet and share what it is, how it works, why he made it, and some of the common pitfalls. The two of us dive into the essentials for building a sufficient micronutrient base and what you may be sacrificing when you eliminate certain food groups.

We then unpack food allergies and tolerances and the importance in making recommendations based on the individual, not the population. The conversation is steered to the many challenges for getting in enough protein in your diet (eating out at restaurants being a huge factor) and ways to overcome these obstacles.

There are countless dangers behind dirty bulking and over-restricting diets, so listen in as Stan unpacks his simple, yet elegant, vertical diet that can be suitable for those wanting to lose weight, those wanting to gain weight, and everything in between. 

What You'll Learn in this Episode:

  • [00:47] Intro to Stan Efferding
  • [02:31] What kicked off Stan’s interest in this weight loss, muscle gain and cardio metabolic health world
  • [05:04] The insanity behind dirty bulking and over-restricting diets
  • [05:44] The simple and elegant plan behind the vertical diet
  • [08:27] Essentials for building a sufficient micronutrient base
  • [13:10] What you are sacrificing when you eliminate essential food groups 
  • [16:50] Stan’s biggest lessons learned utilizing the vertical diet
  • [17:52] The recommended amount of protein you should be getting in your diet
  • [21:16] Why it’s harder to build and retain muscle in a calorie deficit 
  • [21:48] An explanation for why the low-FODMAP diet is one of the most studied and prescribed diets
  • [32:03] Why vegetable oils were introduced in diets
  • [34:11] Making recommendations based on the individual and not across the population
  • [36:53] Strategies for maintaining your blood sugar levels
  • [43:25] The struggle with getting in enough protein, especially when eating out
  • [50:45] Where to find Stan Efferding


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