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Episode 107

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30th Jan 2022

Ep 107: How to Build Muscle on a Time Budget

Do you sometimes feel rushed trying to get in the gym and get your workout in?

Joining me on the show this week is Rebel Coach Keiran Halton. Something we've noticed over the last quarter with a handful of our current athletes and new onboards is that life inevitably happens, and training schedules might need to be condensed. Priorities shift, and maybe you don't have the time to get in the gym for 60-75 minutes anymore. This DOES NOT mean you can't still see amazing results, even if you're spending a little less time training.

Keiran and I unpack building gradual habit changes in your training, the density protocol, getting rid of the fluff in your programming, and the problem with worrying about short, acute progress. Listen in to this week's episode as Coach Keiran and I lay out the different tactics and strategies we use with our clients who want to build muscle, get stronger and become more athletic, while on a time budget.

What You'll Learn in this Episode:

  • [04:27] Discovering the point in your life where your priorities start to shift
  • [06:10] Being honest with yourself in knowing how much time you realistically have to train versus how much time you want to train 
  • [09:05] Building gradual habit changes instead of going full speed ahead
  • [10:12] Why you should always put yourself in a position where you’re looking to add more instead of needing to cut out
  • [11:45] Issues that arise when always worrying about the short, acute progress
  • [12:47] Popular programming tactics and strategies we use for busy professionals here at Rebel
  • [15:01] The rock, pebble, sand analogy
  • [16:44] Why we like to use a density protocol in our programming
  • [19:05] What the set and rep scheme looks like in a density protocol
  • [22:10] The importance of always having a number to beat
  • [26:47] Getting rid of the fluff in your workouts
  • [28:15] Condensing your stress input signal


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