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Episode 105

Published on:

16th Jan 2022

Ep 105: 2021 Training Debrief - Biggest Winners, Biggest Losers, and Top Lessons Learned

What were your biggest wins in 2021? This week myself, Ryan Patrick, Ryan L’Ecuyer, and Lance Goyke sit down to talk about our biggest training takeaways from 2021. It’s always interesting to look back on the previous year to see what worked, what didn’t work, what needed improvement, what needs to be implemented, AND what needs to be eliminated.

The main theme of this episode is to unpack the big rocks that have stayed consistent in our growth at Rebel and to share what newer ideas and tools we will be adding to our toolbox (that we think you should, also) in 2022. The three of us unpack all things improving your metabolic health, why daily movement is so important, being open to different training methodologies, the distinction between cognitive stress and physical stress, and much more. Listen is as we discuss our biggest winners in the industry, our biggest losers in the industry and our top lessons learned. 

What You'll Learn in this Episode:

  • [07:34] The decentralization of knowledge and decision making and the importance of diving into the information yourself
  • [11:05] The obvious way to improve your metabolic health
  • [15:13] Why daily movement is so important
  • [17:35] The distinction between cognitive stress and physical stress
  • [19:30] Bed rest studies and the alarming results for changes in our physiology
  • [21:32] Why low intensity cardio has a huge impact on your training
  • [24:54] Why those who have the best fitness outcomes are those who give their all to the experience
  • [29:36] Being open to other training methodologies
  • [34:53] The difference between good, useful data and just noise
  • [39:52] Why your intuition and judgement for how you feel is more meaningful than the piece of technology you’re wearing
  • [49:26] Knowing you can do anything but not everything in your training
  • [51:44] Coming to the realization that sprinting and straight bar deadlifts do not play well together
  • [53:42] Understanding that the simpler and more consistent you are, the better your outcomes will be


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