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Episode 102

Published on:

5th Dec 2021

Ep 102: Is Stretching Dead with Lance Goyke

Is stretching optimal? I haven’t been a huge fan of stretching for a long time. I think it makes sense in very particular use cases, but I believe there are better alternatives to improve movement. This is why I wanted to bring on my good friend and fellow Rebel Performance coach, Lance Goyke, to help answer a question we are both quite passionate about – is stretching dead? 

We start the episode off by sharing why we have such strong opinions on this topic. As a former athlete, I was always told to stretch when I was feeling “tight”; however, it never made a difference. And sure enough, as soon as I stopped stretching and we stopped stretching our clients, injuries subsided, movement got better, and we alleviated more problems overall.

Lance and I unpack specific cases where we believe stretching does make sense, particularly when you are trying to reclaim your range of motion. We then do a deep dive into other approaches we can use to create meaningful movement change through exercise selection and periodization. Listen in as Lance and I lay out different tactics strategies that we use instead of stretching to improve joint range of motion.

What You'll Learn in This Episode: 

  • [05:38] Background on stretching
  • [09:16] The main goal of stretching
  • [12:20] What’s happening when your muscles feel “tight”
  • [15:02] The problem with the sleeper stretch
  • [16:20] Negative effects of stretching tight muscles
  • [23:00] Optimal coverage of a joint
  • [24:41] Where stretching makes sense
  • [29:58] Posterior hip capsule stretching
  • [33:01] Improving movement and range of motion through exercise selection and periodization
  • [39:15] The need for dissociation of various joints in your body


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